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Welcome to Children’s Home

The Children’s Home is a non-profit social welfare organization dedicated to providing care for orphans and abandoned, underprivileged and needy children in Nepal.

For many, Nepal is a land of dreams, of temples and of Himalayan expeditions, of ancient cities and of picturesque villages, the birthplace of Buddha and home to the Yeti. However, this land of cultural diversity and rich tradition is also one of the poorest countries in the world, and for much of its population, daily life is anything but a dream. More than half of its people live below the poverty line. Children are particularly vulnerable, and many are denied the most basic essentials. It is in this context that the Children’s Home; a non-profit NGO was founded in 1989 with the objective of providing care and facilities to orphans, abandoned, underprivileged and needy children in Nepal.
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