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Working with Amici Dei Bambini-Nepal to build confidence of children

Date: May 4, 2013

Children’s Home signed an agreement for a one-year project with Amici Dei Bambini-Nepal, an Italian international NGO working in Nepal.

Within the larger framework of the multi-stakeholders project ‘EDU-CARE: Social operators active in the protection of the childhood and in the promotion of children’s rights’, the NGO Children’s Home will implement activities aimed at facilitating the de-institutionalization of children through recreational and educational initiatives.

Within the project’s framework, Children’s Home will pursue non-formal education interventions aimed at fighting early school leaving by focusing on life skills and strengthening self-esteem of each student. The activities seek to build confidence and self-esteem of the children living in the institutional care, as well as to develop their understanding of the reality that exists beyond their institutional care, thus enabling their reintegration in the society.

Two social workers, who will receive a specific training in child protection and children’s rights at the St. Xavier’s College, will organize various activities to enhance children’s knowledge, attitudes, practice, and skills to enhance their human, social and emotional capital.
It will require the children to identify what they are good at and how they want to be involved with the others to work in a team and produce tangible and lasting results. It will require them to plan and carry out assigned roles and responsibilities. They will be involving members within their organization, school, community, private sector and government agencies. Altogether, 1500 children will benefit from the project.
The project will comprehend various activities and awareness tools that will enhance the children’s awareness and competencies. The planned tools will consist mainly in:
 Art / Painting Competition
 Public SpeakingCompetition
 DebateCompetition
 Picnic
 Publishing Wall Magazine
 Singing Performance / Competition
 DancingPerformance / Competition
 DramaPerformance / Competition
 Tree Plantation
 Blood Donation
 Junior Red Cross Program
 Games
 Taking classes for street children
 Assisting in old-age homes

As all of them go to school, they will be making use of their self-study and leisure time, holidays and festivals to plan and perform these activities.

The expected benefit of the project is that the children will learn social and behavioral skills. They will learn to respect one another and work in teams and share responsibilities to overcome challenges and celebrate successes together. They will also build relations outside their existing circle and interact with people in their schools, community and beyond to enhance their social capital. They will learn to manage situations that do not actually turn out as planned.

It will enhance their ability to plan and convert it into action. It will provide them with opportunity to overcome their weaknesses such as stage fright, speaking and performing in public which are very essential skills for an individual to succeed in life.

The progress reports will be prepared with the involvement of the children and published in wall magazine and website. It will help the girls to develop their writing and communication skills.
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