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What We Do?

We started with half a dozen children under our wings in a dilapidated building. It has been a struggle for us, from the inception, to ensure proper and steady care. Our family has grown, and will continue to grow. Our strategy, developed in consultation with our well-wishers and children, is oriented towards fulfilling the realistic hopes and aspirations of our children.

We acknowledge that in a rapidly changing world, the only thing that is constant is change. Therefore, our priority today is to make programs relevant and meaningful to transform the lives of our children for the better, forever. An equally pertinent issue for us is to make our programs sustainable and enduring.

Our Programs


We have two purposefully built orphanages, one for the toddlers and girls in Sano Khokana, Lalitpur and another for the boys in Gobariya, Mahendranagar. Currently, we have 92 boys (5 – 17 years old) and 41 girls (3 – 17 years old).

The orphanages were built with contributions from benevolent support to enhance sustainability and to fulfill unique needs of children. They have ample provision for studying, dining, playing, changing, bathing, sleeping, parking, etc. They also have office spaces and residential facilities for staff members such as wardens, supervisors, caregivers, cooks, security personnel, etc.

Children have a daily schedule for personal care, school, self-study, tutor guidance, recreation, meals, healthcare, extra-curricular activities and leisure. Thanks to the generosity of our sponsors and supporters; the facilities and services are well appreciated by visitors and alike.

Children are encouraged to keep in close contact with their relatives and sponsors. They take part in social and family events of their nearest relatives. We strongly believe in providing them with as many opportunities for socialization and confidence-building as opportunities unveil.

To manage the residential facility, we have 22 staff members at Khokana orphanage for the girls. It is managed by a Program Coordinator who liaisons with the Management Board. She is in-charge of the overall management with support from the residential supervisor. A fulltime accountant keeps the financial records and updates the accounts duly recommended by the Program Coordinator to be approved by the Management Board. A teacher helps the children with their school work in the evenings and holidays in the study room. There are 14 helpers (caregivers and cleaners). A part-time doctor visits the orphanage twice a week. A fulltime cook prepares and serves all the meals for the children. A driver and a helper manage the logistics such as bringing the supplies and hospital visits, even at night. A residential security guard maintains the vigil and safety of the children and premises.

The orphanage in Mahendranagar is managed by 20 staff members. It is headed by two representatives of the management board. The day-to-day administration is responsibility of the residential warden. A doctor visits the orphanage once every week. 5 caregivers look after the kitchen, care for younger children and keep the facility neat and tidy. 3 security guards ensure the center is safe and secure. A residential tutor assists the children with school work and preparation for the exams.

Our main office is also at the girl’s orphanage. It ensures and updates statutory requirements such as renewals and audits with expert inputs; maintains public relations; and coordinates implementation of projects and programs.

Community Development

We have worked with the community for a number of initiatives. Projects and programs are targeted to individuals (children, youth and women) from communities to enhance their living standards by providing employable skills to provide a better livelihood.

Projects are supported by individuals and organizations.

Educating Children in Nepal

Since May 2001, Children’s Home supports deserving children from poor and marginalized communities to attend school by providing counseling to parents and children, following up progress, school fees and educational materials.

The funds are collected from sponsors.
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