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Kabita Karki

kabita_karkiI was admitted at Children’s Home in 1999 when I was seven years old as there were many family problems at home and my family was very poor. At first, I was home sick and had difficulty adjusting to the new place and a new school in class 3.

In a few weeks, I started to make new friends, got used to the school, and started to realize the care, love and support I was receiving. I started to enjoy my life there; we were offered everything a girl would need in her childhood and prepare for future.

I completed high school and now, I am 21 years old, doing a Bachelor degree in management. At the moment, I live with my mother and brother in Kathmandu; our origin is in Dolakha.

I am very grateful to Children’s Home family for giving me a chance to do well in my life. I am where I am today because of the support I received from the day I was there. The time I spent there is with me captured in very fond and beautiful memories.  I want to thank Children’s Home for everything.

Kabita Karki, Kathmandu

Eli, Denis and Kilanh STACHINO

DSC06195bisSite UttarWe are an ordinary couple. The only difference with most of the others is that we could not have a child naturally. So we decided to adopt, in Nepal because we were both attracted by this country. At that time, there were only a few orphanages in Kathmandu. We chose “Children’s Home” managed by Uttar Tamata to submit our file to his inspection. This was the aim of our first trip to Nepal in December 2004. Our first meeting was successful because our file had been accepted. Moreover we had heard that “Children’s Home” took also care of children from poor Nepalese families for their education. As there is no social assistance in Nepal, you can easily see in the streets that a lot of families have no means of subsistence (shanty-towns all along the river, people and even children trying to find something to eat in the garbage).

Even if our priority was the adoption, we could not accept that. Back home, we got in touch with the association “Les Amis de Children’s Home” in charge to organize the sponsoring in France and raise the money in collaboration with Uttar Tamata. We were entrusted with Rajani, a little girl of 13 years old. Her examination marks, some drawings and hand-written news were regularly sent to us. And it was really a pleasure so see that she had very good results.

In December 2006, for our second trip to Nepal as our adoption project was still in progress, we met Rajani. The contact was a little bit difficult because of problems of language. But we saw her happy with her mother. We also met her father (at the beginning ill at ease of being unable to give education to his daughter but at the end quite delighted to meet us) and her little sister.

Rajani went on working hard and was quite aware of her chance of being sponsored: she wanted to become a doctor.

In June 2008, for our third visit to Nepal, we met her for the second time. She spoke English much better and it was easier to talk with her. This time, she was with her little sister and her half-brother.

In 2009, as she was at the end of her secondary studies and had succeeded in them, she asked us if we were ready to help her to become a nurse. This was her new aim. We were not obliged to do it because our collaboration with the association in theory was finished. But we accepted the challenge even if the charges for these three new years of studies in a private school were almost six times higher than what we had paid before. As we were quite unable to assume alone, we incited our families and friends to help us. This was one more time a real success.

Rajani is a Nurse now (with a distinction at the final exam). She has got a good job and will be able to help her family of course, but also her country through her technical skills. We are extremely proud of this experience. We had put our trust in Rajani but were sure from beginning to end that she would not deceive us. Now she calls us her “studies parents”. We get very impatient to meet Rajani and her family first, but also Uttar Tamata and his team, so courageous in spite of all the difficulties  in Kathmandu again.

We are now the parents of Kilanh, a little boy adopted in Laos because it could not finally be done in Nepal. He is soon three years old and wants to be introduced to the young Nepalese girl who calls him her “little brother”. What a wonderful story!


Eli, Denis and Kilanh STACHINO


Vincent Coquiart

vincentIt was really interesting to meet the children of the orphanage for our visiting students from France, and one of the best experiences for them. The home is really nice, clean, with a lot of things like computer, tv, dvd, toys, playground…

We felt the children are really well taken care here.

We hope to became partner with the orphanage and help them to welcome other children and visitors.

The people like you deserve respect.

Keep in touch.

Vincent Coquiart
Tour Guide, France

Ganga Shankar

165571_178442838852748_7197753_nMy home is Children’s Home, where I received everything a child needs to have to grow up and have a prospect of a promising future. I have about 6 months left to complete my nursing qualification. I would like to serve the people in need in addition to having a fulfilling professional career.

I was born in Jhapa district but grew up in Children’s Home. I received all my education here, from Kindergarten to High School. I was one of the fortunate ones to have had a chance to receive the best education, love, support and guidance to be where I am today.

Most importantly, I have a family – the Children’s Home family. I want to thank Mr. Uttar Tamata, a man with a big heart, for seeking support through sponsors and giving me a chance to succeed in life.

Ganga Shankar (Nursing Student),
Matru College of Nursing,
Rajiv Gandhi University,
Bangalore (India)

Lalita Bohara

Lalita BoharaI am Lalita Bohara, 22 years old. My home town is in Darchula which is situated at far western development region. Before I was admitted to Children’s Home I had lot’s problem; the main problem of my family is poverty. Along with me I have 4 sisters and all are depended on my father and mother. In my Family no one is educated and one has good job for earning, all of the family members are involved in agriculture.

At the age of seven, I was admitted at Children’s Home in Kathmandu. At first, it was difficult for me to adjust to the changes but thanks to the caring staff, I quickly became used to the language and the environment and started enjoying the love, care, support, nice clothes, healthy food and most importantly good education from Kindergarten to high school. I made many brothers and sisters that came from all over the country.

I am 22 now, and am out of Children’s Home and continuing my education for a Bachelor degree in Humanities. I am one of the fortunate ones to have a family like Children’s Home and I am really proud to continue to be a part of it.

 Lalita Bohara

Josefa Camardons

Josefa CamardonsMy relationship with Children’s Home started in 1997 when I sponsored a boy through Amics del Nepal, but it was in 1998 when I first visited the two homes, in Kathmandu and Mahendranagar, and met Mr. Uttar Tamata and his wife Bimala in Kathmandu as well as Mr. Lohar and his wife Dury Devi in Mahendranagar. At that time, both homes were much smaller than they are at present.

During my trip in 1998 I visited several children homes, but by far Children’s Home was a very organized institution and the children were really cared. Of course, there were some areas to improve and also needs to cover, but the children attended private schools and were feed and cared adequately. Perhaps this was the difference that I saw with other homes where you could see the children with tear and dirty clothes, their faces were unwashed so that foreign visitors would feel pity of them and give support to the organization. In Children’s Home the aim was to improve the lives of the children and therefore taking care of them in the right way: decent clothes, washed faces and proper food.

In the years to follow, I was part of the sponsorship team in Amics del Nepal and therefore watched closely the works carried out and the increase of children sheltered. Many improvements have been done along the years: Extension of the house in Mahendranagar, building of the school Florida, building the new house for the girls in Patan, among many other refurbishing and painting. Along these years I have also seen children growing up; some of them are now married and have children and others are standing on their own. I am really happy to see that our support to Children’s Home has not been in vain.

Children’s Home has also been very helpful and supportive with the sponsors who had brought their sponsored children to Spain in order that they could receive a further education. I have been one of them and I am very grateful for the support received, and I am also thankful for following up on the evolution of the children.

My wish is that no child is in need of a children home because this will mean that Nepal is improving and families have means to support them. Unfortunately children still need of a place where they can feel like home and luckily Children’s Home is there to support them, but they cannot do it on their own, they need the support of the sponsors and donors: Together will make the children’s dreams come true.

Josefa Camardons

April 2013

Maïa Baudelaire

DSC00721I have known Uttar Tamata for over 17 years , and I have been impressed by his personal history and the importance he places in education, as a mean to provide a brighter future to orphans and impoverished children. Uttar’s life and vision to help uneducated children was inspired by his own history, where as an excellent student he won a state educational award, which helped him to pursue higher level education in social studies. And this is precisely this opportunity he wishes to reproduce for the abandoned children of Nepal.

I visited Children’s Home several times as i was traveling and visiting Nepal, i can assure that the children are well taken care of and thank’s to UTTAR and his very committed Staff these children are now able to study and live in optimal conditions . Seeing the kids jumping in the school bus every morning to go to school is a real delight, and not any type of school ! Uttar has made sure that the children will receive the best education , and takes pride in sending the children to top level english schools in the area.

After Children’s home Uttar has created a center for boys in western Nepal, where the kids can learn farming techniques and different service jobs like sewing or cooking…. , it is now a second home for children ….. Love and care are ever present, and the homely environment contribute to help the children grow harmoniously and study without worrying about material matters.

Uttar has a fantastic vision and motivation to help the children, every week babies or young children are dropped off at the gate of Children’s home, in hope for a better future. I have also witnessed inspiring success stories of kids that grew up in Children’s home and who are now happy grown ups and who are now able to make a living in all honor and dignity. I can only wish a “long life” to Children’s home and any other initiatives to promote the future of these children who unfortunately had a very difficult start in life

Maïa Baudelaire
Paris, France


Karan Ram Lohar

185976_400455153337226_1633938920_nHello! I am Karan Ram Lohar from Darchula. I was admitted at Amor Children’s Home in Mahendranegar when I was small. I lived there for 13 years. I completed my high school from there and now I am staying in Kathmandu. I am working also at Pepsi Company as a (PSR) and studying BBS in a Welham’s College.

I was fortunate to have a good life. Children’s Home helps poor and orphan children and makes them qualified and enables them to deal with problems and the difficulties that come in our life.

I also would like to thank the people who have helped Children’s Home, as a result, we received good education and are trying our best to do well.

Karan Ram Lohar, Kathmandu

Guro Solheim Boissat & Klara

Thank you, Children’s Home! Because of you, we have a fantastic opportunity to share and learn something new in our lives! We always wanted to sponsor a child and have tried different solutions and programs, but we did not find any of them to be very personal level …

In addition to sponsoring a child, we wanted to be able to gradually share something with that child; trying to create a gentle kind of friendship or a connection to her and her environment. We wanted the sponsorship to be a personal experience and part of our life style, for the whole family but especially for our daughter Klara, 6 years old.

We wanted Klara, while growing up, to learn by experience, how important it is to be a small part of other childrens’ lives and cultures. Chandramaya and Klara are two girls of same age; they know that the future belongs to them both.

After visiting Children’s Home twice, we are sure we made a good choice. We are impressed by the structure and thrilled by all its habitants, especially by Chandramaya who is now a permanent “member” of our lives. Klara has a very happy relationship with her, knowing that she lives well, that we can share with her so she can go to school and live in Children’s Home. Klara just found the right words for this relationship during our last time meeting with Chandramaya at the Children’s Home; “Mum, here is Chandramaya, I am working with her!!!!”

Guro Solheim Boissat & Klara

Nice, France


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