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 Enfance Nepal

enfancenepallogo!cid_000701c60f2d$7acc6b80$0401010a@INSP510MMrs. Joelle  Esposito and her husband Mr. Alan Esposito had visited India few years back where they had seen the needs in caring the children. Both of them thought of coming to Nepal and were searching for child caring organizations. Mrs. Espositto contacted the French Embassy in Nepal who kindly recommended Children’s Home to her. She sent an enquiry to Children’s Home and made a donation of USD 200. We were exchanging the letters and faxes to each other. The President of Children’s Home, Mr. Uttar Tamata had to attend a program organized by Les Amis de Children’s Home in France. He informed Mrs. Espositto about his plans to visit France. She very kindly invited Mr. Tamata to her home town and she decided to organize two Nepalese Fund Raising Dinners, one in Contes and another in Grass. Both the dinners were a success both in terms of raising the much needed funds for Children’s Home as well as to share more about what the organization does. Having witnessed sincere dedication and commitment of Mrs. Espositto, Mr. Tamata advised her to establish an organization and have a systematic and structured program in her country that could make a world of difference to the needy children in Nepal. Mrs. Joelle, her husband Alan, her father Mr. Paul Zoppi and mother Jacqueline along with some of the other friends kindly agreed to the request of Mr. Tamata and established Enfance Nepal on May 20, 2002 on the occasion of International Children’s Day and expanded the sponsorship as well as other development programs. The main goal of Enfance Nepal is to raise funds and develop sponsorship for the children under the care of Children’s Home and its Educating Children in Nepal program. Enfance Nepal began to steadily provide support as time as well as its membership grew. Mrs. Espositto and Enfance Nepal were able to raise funds to purchase the additional land for the girl’s orphanage construction project [SD1] and supported during its construction as well. Since its establishment Enfance Nepal has focused on the needs of the children living at Children’s Home and under Educating Children in Nepal program. Any funds raised are contributed to children care at Children’s Home. Mrs. Espositto has very closely seen the construction of the girl’s orphanage at Sano Khokana and expansion of the programs at Children’s Home. She is very familiar with the life and culture of Nepal. As a professional accountant, she advises on austerity as well as fund management as she has realized the drastic decline in funds over the years towards the care of the children at Children’s Home. After living in Nepal for more than 3 years with her family, Mrs. Espositto has the knowledge on the market price of 2012. She was kind to estimate expenditure per child to provide them with good care.  Based on the market prices of last year on basic necessities such as food, utilities, clothing, education expenses, salaries, medical expenses, etc., her estimate was a minimum of EUR 135 per month per child. Her recommendation was to raise EUR 150 per child per month considering the inflation since the estimation to provide the needed care and support of children at Children’s Home. We are very grateful to Mrs. Espositto and Enfance Nepal for revising the plan for running the sponsorship program and for her recommendation. We are now seeking co-sponsors for our children who have been receiving partial support over the years.

Les Amis De Children’s Home

lesamisdechildrenshomeA friend of the President, Mr. Uttar Tamata, introduced a French Social Worker, Mr. Patrice Floquet, to Children’s Home. Mr. Floquet and his wife had earlier visited Nepal and knew the conditions of the orphans and needy children. He also visited Children’s Home and discussed the ways to support the children in Nepal.  After much discussion and exploration, both thought it would be best to start a NGO in France to support Children’s Home. In 1998, under the leadership of Mr. Floquet, Les Amis de Children’s Home was established with the main goal to raise funds through sponsorship to support the children under the care of Children’s Home. Although it was quite difficult in the beginning to find support, Mr. Floquet’s strong commitments and hard work steadily grew the number of sponsorship of children and projects in Nepal over the years. All the friends of Mr. Uttar Tamata and Children’s Home were introduced to Mr. Floquet’s association. Later, in 2002, Children’s Home started a new program called Educating Children in Nepal[SD1] . Most of the children under Educating Children in Nepal were sponsored by Les Amis de Children’s Home. Mr. Floquet organizing various fund raising programs like Nepalese Food Festival or Parties in and around his city so that the association and its programs would be known to more people. On few occasions, Mr. Tamata was also able to attend the programs. Many friends were involved in expanding Les Amis de Children’s Home and its activities. It has been able to support Children’s Home in various ways – by sponsoring children as well as expanding other projects and programs in Nepal. It has also raised funds to build the girl’s orphanage [SD2] in Kathmandu as well. Mr. Tamata is one of the members of Les Amis de Children’s Home. He is proud to see the association growing and expanding its support to other organizations and areas in addition to Children’s Home in Nepal. We thank Mr. Patrice Floquet and all the members of Les Amis de Children’s Home that has been supporting us and our children. We are always looking forward to exploring news ways to collaborate and provide benefit to the needy.

Amics del Nepal

AssociacWe had shifted to Kalimatidole near airport from Bijeshowri. We were facing financial problems to care for 17 boys and girls. The President of Children’s Home, Mr. Uttar Tamata, was invited by one of his friends to visit Barcelona in 1995[SD1] . He decided to make this short trip’s main objective to raise funds. Upon arrival in Barcelona, he was received by a friend, Mr. Raimon Villadomat, at the airport who then took him to another friend’s house, Mrs. Cristina Morales. He was welcomed by them all and everyone was supportive of what the Children’s Home was doing for the abandoned and disadvantaged children in Nepal and willing to help to have regular support to provide better care. His friends, Mrs. Cristina Morales, her mother Mrs. Nuria Amoras, Mr. Lluis Belvis, Mr. Ramon Villadomat, Mr. Sebstine Villa, Mr. Albert Galvez and Mr. Lorenz Oril decided to organize an event on May 20, 1995. Mrs. Cristina Morales and her friend Lourdes have a music school and they all supported to preparing the invitation letters.  We decided to send the letters to the parents of the children in the school and the news about the event being organized was shared among the friends and families. A meeting was organized at the town hall on May 20, 1995 where many people participated. The needs of Children’s Home were presented among the invitees and ideas were explored to start a Sponsorship Program[SD2]  who could meet the expenses of the children of the home. The program was a success as many guests committed to sponsor. Later, we felt the need to make the program official and more structured as the sponsors grew. With the help of all the friends, an association, Amics del Nepal, was established with the main goal of supporting children of Children’s Home.  Many other friends of Mr. Tamata were supporting Amics del Nepal to sponsor children and programs in Nepal. The number of sponsors grew and Children’s Home was able to provide steady and better care of the children. Mr. Tamata is one of the founding members of Amics del Nepal and till today it sponsors some children of Children’s Home that provides 30 euro per child per month. On behalf of the children, we would like to extend our sincere thanks to Amics del Nepal and sponsors of our children.

Masamo Fund

As most of the supports we receive are towards specific projects and needs of the children, we are thankful to Masamo Fund for their annual support for other needs to run the administration and operations of the Children’s Home. They have been a partner for many years and we are sure that their support will continue in the years to come. On behalf of the children, board and the management we want to thank them from the bottom of our hearts.


 Samara’s Hope Foundation

Mrs. Terri Alvarez-Diez and her husband Mr. Mark Barrett were referred a baby girl, Trishna, by the Ministry being cared at Children’s Home. Both of them came to meet her at Children’s Home and were very much impressed by the care that the children were receiving.

They personally felt the needs of the children. The visit was during Dashain (Nepalese biggest Hindu festival) and they brought a goat for the children. Later, they started providing donations to buy vegetable for the orphanage.

As we are in regular need of support to care for the children, they thought of establishing a foundation to raise funds and support us. That is how they started Samara’s Hope Foundation.

We are working together steadily to fulfill the needs of the children. On behalf of the children, we would like to thank them for their time, effort, and regular support which we are sure will continue to grow and have tangible results by enabling our children to be conscientious citizens of tomorrow.



CHildren home change

Namasté – la Maison des Enfants is a French charitable organisation, set up in 2015, to support the children in the Children’s Home (Lalitpur), Amor Children (Mahendranagar) and the Florida International Boarding School (Mahendranagar), all established in 1989 by  late Mr Pratap Ram Lohar and his wife.
The charity raises funds, mainly through sponsorship of individual children, to support the children.  While most of the funds raised go towards the day-to-day upkeep of the children,  they also contribute to financing improvements to the buildings (new flooring, kitchen equipment, paintwork, etc)  as well as more technical projects such as ensuring fresh water supplies, improved sanitation and solar power – all aimed at improving the living conditions of the children. Additional funds are also raised by members: sponsoring events (concerts), jumble sales, sale of calendars and handicrafts, etc.
The charity focuses on the welfare of the children and to ensuring a safe and healthy environment for them to grow up in.  It works in close collaboration with Mr Uttar Tamata (President) in order to ensure the appropriate choices are made with the resources available.  In 2017, the charity introduced a Higher Education Programme to enable the children to obtain further education; a worthwhile, but expensive initiative. Computers have been donated to both the girls in CH and to the boys in Mahendranagar.
 More recently, Namasté has expanded its mission to the well-being and development of the staff.  At the request of the staff, Montessori workshops, English lessons and cookery classes have/are being organised. Namasté is also currently working towards hiring an additional member of staff to allow each “didi” to have one day off a week.
Namasté currently has around 250 members of which 127 are sponsoring “godparents”. It is managed by a team of four elected members, nominated and supervised by a Board of Directors, consisting of 13 elected members and divided into four geographical areas in France: the South, the West, the centre and Alsace.

It is run entirely by unpaid volunteers including the Board and the small management team and prides itself in the complete transparency of its financial accounts (and those of the children’s homes).  The solidarity of its members is reflected in the charity’s participatory management style: projects are delegated to members and missions are carried out by visiting members.   Members are encouraged to go and visit and/or stay in the homes not only to see the children but also to strengthen the partnership between the charity and the staff. To date, 20 members have stayed in the children’s homes. NMLDE is currently the main partner of Children’s Home.



Michel and Jagat dahal

Michel started as a volunteer in Nepal who now is an active member in helping the Children’s Home. He focuses on the awareness in Switzerland and raises fund for the children. He comes each year provide materials needed. Michel is helped by Jagat Dahal who is socially active in Nepal for many years.



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