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Children’s Home Timeline


Children’s Home originated with the initiation of Mr. Pratap Ram Lohar and Mrs. Duri Devi Lohar at Kumaripati, Lalitpur. At that time, there were no organizations that admitted and cared for orphaned and abandoned children from the disadvantaged communities. Then, permission was taken from the Social Welfare Coordination Council which was the only entity that provided approval for NGOs to operate. This child protection program had about a dozen children. It was shifted to hostel premises of Nepal National Social Welfare Association.



This was the time when the current President, Mr. Uttar Tamata, joined the organization as a manager. Initially for a few months a Finnish association provided support.

There was no means of providing care and services for the children after the funding stopped. There were no provisions for food and financial means to provide other essential services for the children, let alone the staff members. The hostel was like a haunted house, without proper windows, beddings, kitchen and desperately needing maintenance.

A group of wives of Marwadi corporate businessmen provided food support for some time. The hostel was, however, located in a tourist route. As the current President was toiling on the land to grow vegetables, a tourist visited the center and contributed for its operation. Another German volunteer assisted to design and develop a newsletter that had a concept of producing leather goods and handicraft to generate income to run the orphanage. It was printed in litho printing machine and circulated to most of the international NGOs that were working in Nepal then. However, there was no positive response.

1990 – 1994

The first inter country adoption was facilitated. The family donated few hundred dollars. They also established an association later to support Children’s Home and started to sponsor children. There were many organizational and administrative issues with the parent organization where the children were residing. The program had to leave the premises.

With the political changes and new legislation, Children’s Home was registered as an NGO at Kathmandu District Administration Office.

The contribution to rent a flat at Kalimati Dole was supported by one of the senior staff of Hotel Soaltee Crowne Plaza. After shifting, the support from Marwadi businessmen’s wives ceased due to miscommunication.

The program had grown to care for seventeen children. The day-to-day management of the program was a real challenge as there were no steady means.

During this time, one of the recipients of the newsletter, an international NGO operating in Nepal made enquiry and visited the center. They provided support for bed and bedding. They interacted further with the President on possible assistance and suggested as well as supported to buy land in Mahendranagar to have self-sustaining agro-based program than to invest on income generating program.


CH Old PictureWhen the President visited Spain for fund raising, a group of well-wishers established a Spanish association to support children in Nepal. A fund raising event was organized and a concept of a multi-purpose building with self-sustaining integrated program was presented to the invitees. Funds were generated, sponsorship grew; construction began for the building and the compound wall in Mahendranagar for the boy’s orphanage.


One story Amor Children’s Home in Gobariya, Mahendranagar came into operation for the boys. A house was rented in Anamnagar, Kathmandu for the remaining 9 girls and office.


In Kathmandu, with more children to look after, it required more space and therefore moved to a rented house in Babarmahal. The sole steady support from this Spanish association was extended to individuals and organizations to other countries.

A French Social Worker, and a very good friend of the President, established NGO to sponsor children and development projects.




Educating Children in Nepal, a program to support education for children from poor families in the communities was introduced.

Animal Farm and Poulty Farm were initiated to make the orphanage sustainable in Mahendranagar.

2002 – 2003

A French lady contributed through an association to buy 2 ropani and 6 ana land for Girl’s Orphanage.

A very passionate French business woman and a close friend of the President organized 2 fundraising events, initiated NGO to support the organization and started to sponsor more children under the ECN program.

An infant care center was established (for close to 2 years) near the Patan Hospital to provide timely medical attention.



It partnered with alumni association of a national school to establish a community resource center and mobile library network in surrounding areas of Mahendranagar.

Children were relocated to a rented house in Pulchowk, Lalitpur with the establishment of a branch office and construction for Girl’s Orphanage in Sano Khokana began.


The long supporting French association contributed to buy additional land for Girl’s Orphanage.






It partnered with an Italian NGO to impart vocational training for employment of youth in and around Mahendranagar.







The girls and infants and the office moved-in to their newly constructed orphanage.






The study room and playground were completed at the Girl’s Orphanage.


Solar water heaters were installed and a computer room with computers was also instituted at the Girl’s Orphanage.

First phase of the road construction was completed.


The second phase of the access road was completed for the Girl’s Orphanage.



A deep boring water and sanitation project was completed and a Baby Care Unit was established to care for abandoned infants at the Girl’s Orphanage. The walls of Amor Children’s Home in Mahendranagar were repaired.


Edu-Care project in being implemented to raise the confidence level of the girls in Kathmandu. A Waste Water Project is also being implemented at Girl’s Orphanage. An agreement was entered into with an international volunteer placement organization.

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