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Earthquake: Emergency rescue and relief response

We have been overwhelmed with the warm thoughts and prayers by our national and friends abroad. Our immediate community is fine, but shaken thoroughly. We want to thank all those colleagues who have included us in their thoughts and prayers. Our children did not stay in the building for five days as there were still some strong tremors, though more infrequent now and less severe. Everyone camped in the nearby poultry farm. However, recently we have shifted back to the building and started to steadily get back to normal routine.

 chiidren home  children home 1  children home 2

We still consider ourselves most fortunate as the children, staff and the building have not suffered major loss or damage.  However, many in our extended communities have not been as fortunate.

We would like to extend deepest gratitude to our dear friends in Nepal and all around the world who are extending their support and have offered help, funds and essential materials for immediate relief efforts. With their support, we provided immediate relief materials such as tarps, blankets, mattresses, and clothes to the earthquake victims in Khokana. As per the need, tomorrow, additional relief materials such as biscuits, nappies, dietary supplements, baby cereal and lactogen will be provided to 23 new mothers and 200 children below the age of 5, as requested by the coordinators of the local relief operations.


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Today, we have accepted to provide immediate shelter and care to 22 children, 7 girls and 15 boys from age 4 – 13, referred by the Central Child Welfare Board of the Government of Nepal. They were rescued and have no place to stay. We will be caring for them until Central Child Welfare Board makes alternative arrangements, such as trying to locate and reunite them with their families. It will surely take some time. This is the first of its kind relief operation to provide shelter to so many children at a time.

Girls welcomed these children, welcomed and settled them by first giving them a nice bath. The new children were paired with one of the elder girls of the home. The children soon started to share their stories and play happily.  They are already feeling at home.


 children home 6  children home 7  children home 8

We thank you for your continued support, cooperation and prayers.


Uttar Tamata, Kathmandu, May 4, 2015